The Turkestan cockroach (Blatta lateralis), also known as the rusty red cockroach, red runner cockroach or simply rusty red, red runner, or lat, is a primarily outdoor-dwelling cockroach native to an area from northern Africa to Central Asia.Adults measure around 3 cm (1.2 in) in length.Adult males are a brownish orange or red, are slender, and have long, yellowish wings which allow it to fly.Adult females are dark brown to black, with cream-colored markings on the shield and a cream-colored stripe edging its wings; they are broader than males, and have short vestigial wings. Nymphs are brown in front, black on the rear, and are wingless.
Turkestan cockroach close up

A close up of the Turkestan cockroach




This cockroach lives outside under trees. It is not an aggresive species.


Invasive species

In USA it was first noticed in 1978. They were noticed in Texas.


Other scientific names

  • Shelfordella lateralis(Walker 1868)
  • Periplaneta lateralis(Walker 1868)
  • Pariplaneta tartara(Saussure 1874)
  • Shelfordella tartara(Saussure 1874)
  • Shelfordella lateralis zarudnyi (Adelung 1910)
  • Shelfordella angheri (Adelung 1910)
  • Paralobotototptera silemi (Hantisch 1935)