Lucihormetica luckae is a species of giant cockroach (Blaberidae). The species may be threatened, or even extinct, as only one specimen has ever been collected, some 70 years ago.[1] In addition Tungurahua, the South American volcano that served as the species' habitat, entered a new eruptive phase in 1999.

L. luckae's back carapace features two large and one small spots inhabited by bacteria that glow when exposed to fluorescent light. The evolutionary purpose of this bioluminescence is likely to mimic the appearance of the toxic click beetle (Pyrophorus) that emits light at the same wavelength. This makes it likely that L. luckae is the first known species to use bioluminescence for defensive mimicry.


The back shell of L. luckae has been noted for its resemblance to Jawas, fictional creatures from the Star Wars science fiction media franchise.

The species was listed among the Top 10 New Species 2013 discovered in 2012 as selected by the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University out of more than 140 nominated species. Its distinctiveness is its resemblance to a poisonous snake and its presence in an area of anthropogenic exploitation. The selection was publicised on 22 May 2013.