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This roach is the largest endemic cockroach of New Zealand. The insect is common over most of the country except east of the main divide of the South Island. Its natural habitat is the floor of forest and bush lands Lives in leaf litter, under loose bark, in rotten wood, amongst stones on the ground  but it has invaded, and successfully colonised, the farming and urban lands. In these areas it lives in all ground situations where shelter of grass, stones, logs, and general debris occurs. Does not usually establish in human households . The roach feeds on decaying vegetable and animal matter .  Adults measure up to 25mm in length and, like all endemic cockroaches in New Zealand, are wingless. This species is capable of liberating a characteristic, unpleasant odour when disturbed.It is easily confused with Platyzosteria sp.
Platyzosteria novae-zolandae

The roach in New Zealand