The Central American Giant CockroachBlaberus giganteus, is considered one of the largest cockroaches in the world, with males being able to reach lengths of 7.5 cm and females 10 cm.This cockroach belongs to the family Blaberidae. As typical for all roaches, individuals undergo hemimetabolous metamorphosis, which means the change from juvenile to adult is gradual.[ It is endemic to Central America and northern South America, and can be found naturally occurring in the rainforests.Habitat preferences include areas of high moisture and little light, such as caves, tree hollows, cracks in rocks, etc.Their lifespan can be up to 20 months depending on habitat conditions and diet. The majority of its diet is decaying plant material, but Blaberus giganteus is an omnivore and a scavenger.Other food choices can include bat guano, fruit, seeds, dead insects, and other dead animals.
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